Całotygodniowe promocje na Steamie (8.08)

Hard West – 9.99€ (-50%)
Mount Your Friends – 1.99€ (-60%)
Out There Somewhere – 0.24€ (-76%) 
Infested Planet – 4.94€ (-67%)
Retro City Rampage™ DX – 3.29€ (-67%)
Super Trench Attack! – 0.49€ (-90%)
Dominions 3: The Awakening – 6.79€ (-66%)
Heavy Bullets – 1.87€ (-75%)

Pełna lista przecenionych gier w rozwinięciu wpisu.

Tytuł gryDRMObniżkaCena
12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl PowerSteam83%0.50€
688(I) Hunter/KillerSteam80%1.99€
7 MagesSteam50%6.99€
8-Bit ArmiesSteam25%11.24€
8-Bit Armies - Guardians CampaignSteam25%2.99€
8-Bit Armies - SoundtrackSteam25%2.99€
8-Bit Armies Complete EditionSteam25%14.63€
A Game of ChangesSteam50%4.49€
A Wolf in AutumnSteam40%1.19€
Abrix the robot - bonus soundtrack DLCSteam51%0.49€
Ace Of WordsSteam50%2.49€
Adventure Chronicles: The Search For Lost TreasureSteam75%1.24€
Agent AwesomeSteam50%4.99€
AGFPPROV3 PremiumSteam12%20.74€
Alien: IsolationSteam66%12.57€
Almightree: The Last DreamerSteam75%1.24€
Aozora MeikyuuSteam20%3.99€
Apocalypse Hotel - The Post-Apocalyptic Hotel Simulator!Steam65%2.44€
Approaching BlocksSteam75%0.49€
Ara FellSteam33%6.69€
Armada 2526Steam82%2.69€
ARMED SEVENSteam50%2.49€
Ascent - The Space Game: Bowhead Support ShipSteam25%62.24€
Ascent - The Space Game: Hawk Support ShipSteam25%17.24€
Ashes of the Singularity - Overlord Scenario Pack DLCSteam50%1.99€
Assassins vs PiratesSteam50%3.99€
Avernum: Escape From the PitSteam70%2.99€
Axis Game Factory + Fantasy Side-Scroller PlayerSteam75%6.99€
Axis Game Factory + Zombie FPS and Fantasy Side-Scroller PlayerSteam10%33.29€
Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO + PREMIUM BundleSteam75%20.74€
Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO - Drone Kombat FPS MultiplayerSteam53%6.99€
Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO - Voxel Sculpt DLCSteam17%23.24€
Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO - Zombie Survival Pack DLCSteam38%9.24€
Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO Fantasy Side-Scroller PlayerSteam33%6.99€
Axis Game Factory's AGFPRO Zombie FPS Player DLCSteam12%9.24€
Battle Of EuropeSteam80%1.99€
Bears Can't Drift!?Steam20%10.39€
BEEP - SoundtrackSteam51%0.49€
Best Russian Visual Novels packSteam31%9.54€
Better Late Than DEADSteam75%3.74€
Big Adventure Games PackSteam45%15.04€
bit Dungeon IISteam75%0.99€
bit Dungeon+Steam75%0.99€
Bit ShifterSteam19%12.14€
Bit Shifter OST - Shift Into CyberspaceSteam19%4.04€
Bloodbath KavkazSteam88%0.89€
Bloodbath Kavkaz - Khovan RevengeSteam75%0.49€
Bloodbath Kavkaz - SoundtrackSteam75%0.99€
Bloodbath Kavkaz GOTY EditionSteam82%1.78€
Buff Knight AdvancedSteam63%2.99€
Bullet Life 2010Steam50%0.99€
Burokku GirlsSteam25%6.74€
Camera ObscuraSteam67%0.33€
Casual Games BundleSteam56%7.61€
Cities in MotionSteam70%5.99€
Cities in Motion: LondonSteam60%1.99€
Cities in Motion: ParisSteam60%1.99€
Cities in Motion: St. PetersburgSteam60%1.99€
Cities in Motion: TokyoSteam60%2.39€
Cities in Motion: US CitiesSteam60%1.99€
Classic Naval Combat PackSteam85%2.99€
Coma: MortuarySteam90%0.59€
Complete Naval Combat PackSteam85%4.49€
Conquest of Elysium 3Steam75%2.49€
Crash Time 2Steam50%4.99€
Critical AnnihilationSteam60%3.99€
CTU: Counter Terrorism UnitSteam50%7.49€
Cultures - 8th Wonder of the WorldSteam50%1.99€
Cultures - NorthlandSteam50%1.99€
Cultures: Northland + 8th Wonder of the WorldSteam75%1.99€
D Series OFF ROAD Racing SimulationSteam50%8.99€
Dagestan Technology Complete PackSteam56%19.49€
Damnation City of DeathSteam25%7.49€
Dark Fall: Lost SoulsSteam80%2.59€
Dashy SquareSteam75%0.74€
Deadlock: Planetary ConquestSteam86%0.97€
Deep Fritz 14 DLCSteam25%14.99€
Demon HeartsSteam33%3.99€
Demons with ShotgunsSteam66%3.39€
Detective Stories BundleSteam14%20.40€
Developer Alliance Pack 2Steam16%2.02€
Devil Sealing StoneSteam60%3.19€
Devils & DemonsSteam40%5.99€
Dharker Studio 2015 CompleteSteam13%50.80€
Divine Slice of LifeSteam65%4.54€
Dominions 3: The AwakeningSteam66%6.79€
Doorways: All Chapters CollectionSteam21%23.60€
Doorways: Chapters 1 to 3 CollectionSteam40%9.59€
Doorways: PreludeSteam50%4.99€
Doorways: The UnderworldSteam35%6.49€
DUCATI - 90th AnniversarySteam40%11.99€
Dusty Revenge:Co-Op EditionSteam66%5.09€
Echo of the WildsSteam50%4.49€
Elegy for a Dead WorldSteam55%6.74€
Elite vs. FreedomSteam70%4.49€
Empress Of The DeepSteam75%1.24€
Empress Of The Deep 2: Song Of The Blue WhaleSteam75%1.24€
Enforcer: Police Crime ActionSteam75%4.99€
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple CreekSteam70%2.39€
Explosionade - SoundtrackSteam60%0.79€
Fairy Tale Mysteries 2: The BeanstalkSteam60%3.99€
Fantasy Grounds - D&D Legacy of the Crystal ShardSteam20%15.99€
Fantasy Grounds - D&D Rage of Demons: Out of the AbyssSteam20%25.59€
Fantasy Mosaics 14: Fourth ColorSteam40%5.99€
Fleet CommandSteam75%2.49€
Football TacticsSteam20%11.99€
Fringes of the EmpireSteam44%8.39€
Fritz Chess 14Steam25%27.74€
Fritz for Fun 13Steam25%14.99€
GabeN: The Final DecisionSteam67%0.99€
Galactic Civilizations III - Mega Events DLCSteam50%2.49€
Game TypeSteam60%1.19€
Game Type - SoundtrackSteam51%0.49€
Gamer SimulatorSteam51%0.49€
Glass WingSteam70%1.79€
Grand Class Melee 2Steam33%5.35€
Gumboy - Crazy Adventures™Steam85%0.74€
Hacker Evolution Source CodeSteam25%17.24€
Hacknet Official SoundtrackSteam25%7.49€
Handball 16Steam60%15.99€
Hard WestSteam50%9.99€
Hard West SoundtrackSteam50%4.99€
Hard West: Scars of Freedom DLCSteam50%1.49€
Heavy BulletsSteam75%1.87€
Heileen 1: Sail AwaySteam30%4.19€
Heileen 2: The Hands Of FateSteam30%6.99€
Heileen 3: New HorizonsSteam30%16.09€
Hero Siege - The Depths of HellSteam66%1.01€
Hero Siege - The Depths of Hell (Collector's Edition)Steam66%1.69€
Hipix Studio BundleSteam57%2.41€
Hippocampal: The White SofaSteam80%0.99€
Horror Games BundleSteam78%3.37€
How to Take Off Your MaskSteam40%8.99€
How to Take Off Your Mask - Theme SongSteam40%1.79€
Hunting Unlimited™ 2008Steam50%2.49€
Hyper Bounce BlastSteam25%3.74€
Imperium Romanum Gold EditionSteam85%1.49€
in SpaceSteam11%0.85€
Infectonator : SurvivorsSteam30%7.69€
Infested PlanetSteam67%4.94€
Infested Planet - Trickster's ArsenalSteam30%3.49€
Infinity RunnerSteam66%2.37€
Islet OnlineSteam33%15.40€
Janky TanksSteam50%2.49€
Just AloneSteam80%2.59€
Kung Fu Strike - The Warrior's RiseSteam80%1.99€
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior's Rise - Master LevelSteam80%0.59€
Legends & Myths BundleSteam18%19.56€
Legends of EisenwaldSteam50%9.99€
Legends of Eisenwald Season PassSteam20%11.99€
Legends of Eisenwald: Road to Iron ForestSteam50%2.49€
Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the DragonsSteam40%5.39€
Life in BunkerSteam20%12.79€
Little Racers STREETSteam75%1.49€
Loot Hero DXSteam68%0.95€
Loot Hero DX (Original Soundtrack)Steam68%0.63€
Lords of XulimaSteam50%9.99€
Lords of Xulima - Special Digital RewardsSteam60%2.79€
Lords of Xulima - The Talisman of GolotSteam50%1.49€
Lunch Truck TycoonSteam20%0.79€
Magical Eyes - Red is for AnguishSteam15%12.74€
Merge Games Mega BundleSteam12%182.86€
Microcosmum: survival of cells - Campaign "New life"Steam50%2.49€
Middle-earth™: Shadow of Mordor™Steam25%29.99€
Millionaire ManorSteam75%1.24€
Mission RunwaySteam80%0.99€
MOAI 3: Trade Mission Collector's EditionSteam50%4.99€
Morningstar: Descent to DeadrockSteam50%4.99€
Mount Your FriendsSteam60%1.99€
National Zombie ParkSteam50%3.99€
Neon Space ULTRASteam75%0.74€
Neverending NightmaresSteam60%5.99€
New Yankee in King Arthur's CourtSteam40%2.99€
New Yankee in Santa's ServiceSteam40%2.99€
Nightfall: EscapeSteam35%9.74€
Ocean Word Blast BundleSteam25%5.01€
Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath HDSteam75%2.49€
Operation: MatriarchySteam50%2.99€
Out There SomewhereSteam76%0.24€
Over The Hills And Far AwaySteam80%1.79€
Panzer Elite Action Gold EditionSteam75%2.49€
Perfect Universe - Play with GravitySteam50%4.99€
Perfection of WisdomSteam33%6.69€
Physic MonsterSteam75%0.49€
Pitstop ChallengeSteam66%3.05€
Planar ConquestSteam40%13.79€
Plantera - Original SoundtrackSteam42%0.57€
Poo PackSteam15%1.34€
Project ExploreSteam40%1.19€
Project RPGSteam45%2.19€
Puzzle DimensionSteam80%0.49€
Red FactionSteam75%2.49€
Red Faction Armageddon SoundtrackSteam75%1.24€
Red Faction CollectionSteam80%11.99€
Red Faction Guerrilla Steam EditionSteam75%4.99€
Red Faction IISteam75%2.49€
Red Faction®: Armageddon™Steam75%4.99€
Red Faction: Armageddon Path to War DLCSteam75%1.24€
Red Faction: Guerrilla SoundtrackSteam75%1.24€
Remnants of a Beautiful DaySteam60%3.19€
Resette's Prescription ~Book of memory, Swaying scale~Steam25%9.74€
Retro City Rampage™ DXSteam67%3.29€
Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender BenderSteam86%0.97€
Rugby Union Team Manager 2015Steam30%13.99€
Rugby World Cup 2015Steam75%7.49€
Russian Horror StorySteam75%1.99€
Ruzar - The Life StoneSteam40%7.79€
Ruzar - The Life Stone - Challenge MapSteam40%2.39€
Sakura AngelsSteam75%2.49€
Sakura BeachSteam75%2.49€
Sakura Beach 2Steam75%2.49€
Sakura BundleSteam51%39.97€
Sakura DungeonSteam15%16.99€
Sakura Fantasy Chapter 1Steam70%2.99€
Sakura SantaSteam50%4.99€
Sakura SpiritSteam80%1.99€
Shadow Of NebulaSteam40%2.99€
Shadows on the Vatican Act I: GreedSteam70%1.79€
Shake Your Money Simulator 2016Steam51%0.49€
Shoot 1UPSteam60%1.59€
Shoot 1UP - SoundtrackSteam60%0.79€
Silver KnightSteam75%0.49€
Sinister CitySteam51%0.49€
Sins Of The Demon RPGSteam76%0.24€
Song of the Myrne: What Lies BeneathSteam35%3.24€
Space HackSteam50%2.49€
Spice RoadSteam50%9.99€
StarFringe: AdversusSteam40%4.19€
Stronghold Crusader HDSteam75%1.99€
Stronghold HDSteam75%0.99€
Sub CommandSteam80%1.99€
Sudoku QuestSteam20%4.79€
Sun Blast: Star FighterSteam76%0.24€
SunAge: Battle for ElysiumSteam60%5.99€
Super Duper Party PooperSteam30%0.69€
Super Trench Attack!Steam90%0.49€
T-Kara PuzzlesSteam40%1.79€
Tactical Soccer The New SeasonSteam50%4.49€
Tank Operations: European CampaignSteam85%1.49€
Tap HeroesSteam68%0.95€
Tea Party Simulator 2015™Steam50%4.99€
The Battle of SolSteam50%4.99€
The Body ChangerSteam75%4.99€
The Caiysware CollectionSteam50%7.13€
The Descendant: Rest of SeasonSteam50%5.99€
The Fleets of SolSteam50%4.49€
The LadySteam50%0.99€
The Land Of LamiaSteam75%1.24€
The Last Crown: Midnight HorrorSteam60%1.99€
The Last NightMary - A Lenda do Cabeça de CuiaSteam88%0.49€
The Lost CrownSteam80%1.99€
The Order of the Thorne - The King's ChallengeSteam70%2.99€
The Pit And The PendulumSteam80%0.99€
The Revills Games' Solitaire CollectionSteam10%7.78€
The Royal Trap: The Confines Of The CrownSteam55%8.99€
The Whispered World Special EditionSteam80%3.59€
The Wire Loop Game VRSteam20%6.39€
Three HeroesSteam94%0.29€
Timelines: Assault on AmericaSteam80%0.99€
Towers of Altrac - Endless ModeSteam40%0.59€
Towers of Altrac - Epic Defense BattlesSteam70%2.09€
Train FeverSteam80%4.99€
Train Simulator 2016Steam50%11.49€
Train Simulator: Amtrak P30CH Loco Add-OnSteam50%6.99€
Train Simulator: DB BR 605 ICE TD Add-OnSteam50%6.99€
Train Simulator: Network SouthEast Class 121 DMU Add-OnSteam50%6.99€
Under ZeroSteam80%0.99€
Vampire Legends: The True Story of KisilovaSteam60%3.19€
Vertigo VoidSteam75%0.49€
Wanda - A Beautiful ApocalypseSteam25%7.49€
Wanderlust AdventuresSteam60%5.99€
Wanderlust Adventures - Official SoundtrackSteam60%1.99€
Waste WalkersSteam25%7.49€
Waste Walkers Complete BundleSteam10%18.74€
Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero FallsSteam33%18.75€
Weapon of ChoiceSteam60%1.99€
Weapon of Choice - SoundtrackSteam60%0.79€
Welcome to Boon HillSteam50%2.49€
Welcome to Boon Hill - OSTSteam20%3.99€
White Noise OnlineSteam75%1.24€
Wildlife Park 2 - Domestic AnimalsSteam20%0.79€
Wildlife Park 3Steam20%7.99€
World Basketball Manager 2010Steam80%0.89€
Zanzarah: The Hidden PortalSteam75%1.74€
Zombie Wars: InvasionSteam75%0.74€

  • Kamil950

    Sugeruję zaczekać na nowy Humble Bundle, który ma być chyba we wtorek o godzinie 20:00 (a przed nim jeszcze może być jakiś pakiet od Indie Gala, Groupees, Bundle Stars etc.).

    • No sam jestem tego zdania, a tez czekam niezmiernie na HB, oby po dwoch tygodniach absencji dali coś dobrego 😉

  • Three Heroes idzie w bundlu na steamie kupić za 0.02 euro

  • Dlaczego na stronie głównej Steama wyświetla „Now Avaliable: Hard West”? Gra dostępna jest od pół roku na parze i nieparze (GOGu).
    Warto wspomnieć że to gra robiona przez naszych rodaków, mało „hajpowana/hype’owana” i dobra turówka.
    Dominions3 też świetna strategia mająca oddanych fanów, wymaga wprawy i podejścia by grać na jako takim poziomie.

    • voic3d

      Nie wiem jaki masz stosunek do pudełkowych wersji ale zamiast płacić 10 euro za cyfrę polecam zakupić np grę tutaj https://cdp.pl/hard-west-pud-pc.html

      • Mam pozytywny stosunek do pudełek.
        „Produkt chwilowo niedostępny”. Hmm, jak nie tutaj to u konkurencji 🙂
        Po prostu byłem zaskoczony tym, co pojawiło się na stronie głównej Steama – gra była dostępna od paru miesięcy więc dlaczego jest podpisane „Now Avaliable”. Sprawa godna Archiwum G(aben).

  • aRo

    Często dają przeceny w okolicach premiery. Dziwne by było, jakby od razu wystrzelili z -50 albo lepiej 😛

  • Inquisitor też interesujący tytuł. Action RPG a’la Divinity.
    Sporo czytania jak na ten gatunek. O ile w większości gier Diablopodobnych tekst to nudny wypełniacz tak tutaj tekst i histori jest bardziej interesująca niż w sporej części RPGów 😛
    Gra produkcji czeskiej, dłuuugo w produkcji ale wyszła.
    PS. uważajcie z walką na początku, te netoperki potrafią dać w kość…

    • Trixie B Lulamoon

      hahaah ja zawsze kradlem ksiedzu wode swiecona cx