Historia pełnych wersji w Click!

nrwydanienazwa gryjęzyk
124/01Speed Busters ENG
21/02Die by the Sword PL
32/02Incubation PL
43/02MDK PL
54/02Iron Strategy PL
65/02Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold PL
76/02Carmageddon ENG
87/02Aquanox ENG
98/02Devil Inside PL
109/02HeliHeroes PL
1110/02Defender of the Crown PL
1211/02Toon Car PL
1312/02Magic & Mayhem 2: The Art of Magic ENG
141/03Etherlords PL
152/03Codename:Outbreak PL
163/03Call to Power 2 ENG
174/03Millennium Racer PL
185/03Giants: Citizen Kabuto PL
196/03Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX ENG
207/03Heavy Gear 2 ENG
218/03Lure of the Temptress ENG
228/03Worms 2 ENG
239/03Orientalne Noce PL
2410/03Beneath a Steel Sky ENG
2510/03Re-Volt ENG
2611/03Forsaken ENG
2712/03Kroniki Czarnego Księżyca PL
281/04Turok 2: Seeds of Evil ENG
291/04Warrior Kings PL
302/04Dark Signs ENG
312/04The House of the Dead 2 ENG
323/04Faraon PL
334/04Delta Force 2 ENG
345/04Gabriel Knight 3 ENG
356/04Thief 2: The Metal Age ENG
367/04Caesar 3 PL
378/04Urban Chaos ENG
389/04Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation ENG
3910/04Battles of Napoleon ENG
4010/04Project IGI ENG
4110/04Superbike Racing PL
4211/04Matchball Tennis ENG
4311/04Total Immersion Racing ENG
4411/04Zemsta Urzędasa PL
4512/04Spellforce: Zakon Świtu PL
461/05The Longest Journey PL
471/05RC Helicopter ENG
482/05Cue Club PL
492/05Think Tanks ENG
502/05Cue Club PL
512/05Iron Storm PL
523/05Anachronox ENG
533/05Crazy Machines PL
543/05Euro Club Manager 2003/2004 PL
554/05Fallout 2 PL
564/05Fallout PL
575/05Cellmons PL
585/05Project Eden ENG
595/05War Commander PL
606/05Piraci Nowego Świata PL
616/05Tomb Raider II ENG
626/05Zemsta Kujona PL
637/05Clickers PL
647/05Shanghai Dragon ENG
657/05Starsky andHutch PL
668/05BloodRayne ENG
678/05Shade:Gniew Aniołów PL
689/05American Conquest PL
699/05Fast Lanes Bowling ENG
7010/05DeadHunt ENG
7110/05Wakeboarding Unleashed ENG
7211/05Locoland PL
7311/05Powerdrome ENG
7411/05Scrapland PL
7512/05The Italian Job ENG
7612/05Warlords 4:Bohaterowie Etherii PL
771/06I-Ninja PL
781/06Jets’n’Guns ENG
792/06Guilty Gear X2 Reload ENG
802/06Hitman: Codename 47 ENG
812/06S.W.I.N.I.A. PL
823/06Daemonica PL
833/06Pure Pinball 2 ENG
844/06Bloodline:Uśpione Zło PL
854/06Tin Soldiers: Alexander The Great ENG
865/06BreakQuest PL
875/06Metalheart: Bunt Replikantów PL
886/06Arx Fatalis ENG
896/06Ghost Recon PL
907/06Elite Warriors: Vietnam ENG
917/06Kill.switch ENG
928/06Jet Storm ENG
938/06Panzer General III: Scorched Earth ENG
949/06Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory ENG
959/06Rajd na Berlin: Oddziały specjalne PL
9610/06Comanche 4 PL
9710/06Will Of Steel ENG
9811/06MDK 2 ENG
9911/06Martin Mystere ENG
10012/06Worms 3D PL
10112/06Gary Grigsby’s World at War ENG
1021/07Cross Racing Championship 2005 ENG
1031/07Project Nomads ENG
1042/07Rag Doll Kung Fu ENG
1052/07World Racing ENG
1063/07Fast Lane Pinball ENG
1073/07FlatOut ENG
1083/07ShellshockNam’67 ENG
1094/07Bad Mojo: The Roach Game Redux ENG
1104/07Frater PL PL
1114/07Terrorist Takedown: Wojna w Kolumbii PL
1125/07Anachronox ENG
1135/07Combat Wings: Bitwa O Anglię PL
1145/07Wildlife Park ENG
1156/07Heavyweight Thunder ENG
1166/07Legacy of Kain:Defiance ENG
1176/07Night Watch Racing ENG
1187/07Drive’n’Kill ENG
1197/07Praetorians ENG
1218/07Ankh: Klątwa Mumii PL
1228/07Conflict: Desert Storm II – Back To Baghdad PL
1238/07Wallace & Gromit: Project Zoo ENG
1249/07American Conquest:Odwet PL
1259/07Base Jumping ENG
1269/07Thief 2: The Metal Age ENG
1279/07Thief: The Dark Project ENG
12810/07Commandos 2: Men of Courage ENG
12910/07Parkan II ENG
13010/07Wings of Honour: Battles of theRed Baron PL
13111/07Kryzys Kubański: Lodowa Krucjata PL
13211/07Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 ENG
13311/07Star Legion ENG
13412/07Ankh:Serce Ozyrysa PL
13512/07Bet on Soldier: Blood ofSahara PL
13612/07Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness ENG
13709/08Call Of Juarez PL
1381/08Chińskie smoki PL
1391/08Premier Manager 8 ENG
1401/08Redneck Kentucky i Nowa Generacja Kurek PL
1411/08War Rock ENG
1422/08L.A.Rush ENG
1432/08Midway Arcade Treasures: Deluxe Edition ENG
1443/08Glory of The Roman Empire PL
1453/08Bet on Soldier: Black-out Saigon PL
1464/08No Man’s Land ENG
1474/08Atakna Pearl Harbor PL
1485/08Alpha Prime PL
1495/08Piekielna Rodzinka PL
1506/08Big Mutha Truckers 2: Truck Me Harder PL
1516/08Black Buccaneer ENG
1527/08Hard Truck Apocalypse: Rise of Clans ENG
1537/08Kozacy II: Bitwa o Europę PL
1548/08Pacific Storm: Allies ENG
1558/08Sherlock Holmes: Przebudzenie PL
1569/08Crazy Machines: 101 Nowych Zagadek PL
1579/08FearZone: Strefa 22 PL
15810/08Chrome:SpecForce PL
15910/08Dawn of Magic PL
16010/08Paradise PL
16111/08Blitzkrieg 2: Upadek Rzeszy PL
16211/08El Matador PL
16311/08Szymek Czarodziej 4 PL
16412/08Death to Spies ENG
16512/08Whirlwind of Vietnam: Operacja W Dolinie Ia Drang PL
16612/08World Racing 2 PL
1672/09Ascension to the Throne: Wojna O Koronę PL
1684/09Avencast: Rise of the Mage ENG
1691/09Brain College: Chińskie Smoki PL
1703/09Dragonshard PL
1711/09Escape from Paradise City PL
1723/09Hard Truck Tycoon PL
1732/09Igrzyska Zimowe 2007 ENG
1744/09Obscure II ENG
1752/09Swashbucklers: Stal kontra proch PL
1761/09The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Złota EdycjaPL
1773/09Wielka Tajemnica Azteków PL